365: Foundation Years 1997-2000

Christmas 1998. Look at that mid to late 90's decor!
Christmas 1998. Look at that mid to late 90’s decor!

To celebrate my first 365 days on the WordPress website, I decided to do a series of blogs titled 365 until next Wednesday. For the first few, I will be giving a biography of my life, so let’s delve into my first few years of life.

I was Originally concieved around July of 1996, and for about 9 months I swam around inside my Mother, grew a little, developed organs and features and most stuff babies have. At this point, my Mother and Father were engaged and were already living in my current house, however, before I was born they had to get rid of Oscar, a dog they got of her friend Laura. I don’t know who they gave the dog to, but apparently Oscar was very jumpy, and jumpy dogs and babies really don’t mix.

Finally, in April 8th 1997 at 22:27pm, during the ITV News at ten, Benjamin Lewis Attwood was born. I weighed 8 pound and a quarter. Now I am quite a bit bigger and heavier, and I was around 56cm (SOURCE: Mother).

I was born into a world of hope and joy, John Major was out of power, ending under 20 years of Tory suppression, and a young guy called Tony Blair came to power, and was with us for 10 years. Other substantial things that happened during the first 3 years of me being here were the 3rd Millennium, The Euro was established, Dolly the sheep, Tellytubbymania, Y2K, and ONLY 6 billion people lived on earth (of which I am one of!)

As a baby, I was rather well behaved, but even then elements of what would would be my character started to emerge. Such as one of my first phrases being, and I quote, ‘Is that it?’. My singing as well began to take shape, two stories come to mind, the time I sang Angels in a Welcome break as a 2 year old and my dad trying to shut me up, and singing a made up song in Nursery, made up by me!

So, yeah. That was baby Ben in a nutshell. Started off as a quiet and well behaved baby, and slowly became louder and louder to the point when I was singing in cafes and Shouting hello to ducks, trying to be friendly (and scared them away!).

And to end this post, here is me as a BABY!

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