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In contrast to my last entry which sounded like the world around me was utterly depressing and increasingly suicidal, that is an overstatement btw, i will talk about something more positive. BIGFilms.

The story starts in the summer of this year, and i am writing an earlier chapter of that book of mine, when i get a message off my friend Faisal (for the sake of saving you the trouble on arguing over saying his name correctly, i call him FazĀ and so should you) and he asks me, after i told him about my writing, if i wanted to work on a film with him, and i said yes, and i am writing a story for it.

His basic idea was to base the film on a song, so i had a listen to the song and i have based the story on aspects of the song, with my own interpretation.

We originally had another song lined up and i story about domestic abuse and being in a hole, but Faz decided to change the song, and the song he picked is a lot easier to make a story out of.

I won’t reveal too much, as i don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but the film’s title at the moment is sin city and we’re aiming for a release date of September 2013, so we have some time.

I’ll admit, im not really into the film industry, i watch films, but i am not interested in doing them as a job (vlogging was a hobby only) but i am quite enthusiastic about this project and i will flesh out details as soon as we have set in stone our plans.

The Production group Faz set up is called BIGFilms and currently we have the following people:

Ben (me): Creative consultant

Faz: Producer and head honcho

Jack: Film editor (he’ll do post production thingys)

We’re still working on the story, we need to film it and edit it, e have a facebook page for our fans and i will share details with you as well, here’s the link, goodbye.


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