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This isn’t going to be one of my usual thoughts on posts. Instead I am going to talk about something that has just happened to me.

So, in my pyjamas, I was eating my breakfast, this family were going around my close. I thought that some sort of charity thing or a local election was taking place. They eventually knocked at my door. A lady and her son were standing at my door, she handed me a leaflet titled ‘would you like to know THE TRUTH?’. Yes, I was dealing with a religious group of people.

Most people know that I am a atheist, I simply don’t believe in god. I did feel that I had to listen to her, it would have been rude to say I am not interested, or even worse, say I don’t believe. I did listen to what she had to say to keep the peace. She explained that the religious group she was part of had a book out and that it answered questions such as death, does God care, how can I find happiness?

She also explained that her group has a website with questions about Teenagers and stuff like that.

Its no surprise that I was uninterested in being part of their group, I am not religious, nor do I need help from a religion. I know they were trying to promote their group, but knocking door to door seems rude, I don’t go to people’s houses and say ‘want to be part of my group?’. I don’t, it’s rude and I was trying to eat breakfast. I wish them luck in their quest to get new members, they haven’t won me over. I did however learn her daughter was going to my former school, so I may see her and her family again.

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