The Sweet dreams collection: Poem 4


Continuing the theme I started on Sunday (Turned out the poems have sort of an ongoing story for some reason). This one is about my Mother. It is meant to go after The Bad Lady. So, if you re-read that one (Poem 2) then read this, you should be fine.

Mother Dearest

Oh, Mother dearest
Be there for me
Through good times and dark times and strange times
You’re there to help me see

When visions and monsters are stuck in my head
When I am too weak to fight my own battles
When I am emotionally crippled
You give me the guidance that I need

Your hands are soft
Your eyes full of wisdom
Your smile full of warmth
In nights of darkest fear

You tuck me to bed
I drift away safe
Knowing you’ll be there
Knowing I’m OK

When the time comes
When you can’t fight the battle
I will be there
As you were for me.

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