The new normal: A concept


I’ve been thinking about a phrase someone said, ‘the new normal’, and how good an idea it is. I’ve developed the idea into a concept that I made up, and as with many things, I’ve decided to share it with you.

Change.Change happens everyday.The best thing about change is that it can result in good things, and also bad things.Change can be both unsubstantial or substantial.There is no ‘in between’ there is no ‘progression’.How I see it, progress is simply just a few related unsubstantial changes which can result in something big happening, like changes in law or policies don’t just happen overnight, they need to warn people, inform them and then implement the change.

Unsubstantial change is like normal, or everyday, changes; like a change of clothes, or a change of hairstyle.Noticeable, but nothing that would effect people on a large scale.A substantial change is things like a birth, a death, a marriage, or a divorce, things like those examples have a large scale effect on people.

With change comes a thing I call ‘the new normal’.The New normal is what happens after change.Essentially, the new normal is a fresh challenge for the human mind which they must adapt to.To explain, let’s say a family member has died, the old normal is gone, they are not there anymore.The new normal is life without that relative, you are not used to living without this person, so it takes time to adapt.Though it never is easy to lose a family member, you slowly get used to it.

To sum up this theory, there are 3 types of change:

Unsubstantial Change: A single change which can be noticeable, but not change things drastically on it’s own.

Progressive Change: A group of small changes which happen simultaneously and has the potential for making a profound effect on people.

Substantial Change: A single change which can have a profound affect on many people.

Each of these changes result in an alteration in people’s lifestyles, which I call the ‘New normal’.The new normal is what comes after change, and though it can be easier to adapt to some changes than it is to adapt to other changes, one can change themselves to adapt to the situation.

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