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I have watched the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who. And I can safely say, it was the episode that has revitalised the show somewhat.

I cannot reveal to much about the events which transpired, as this review is going to be spoiler free. But, fortunately, we already knew bits here and there, from news reports and press releases.

The biggest thing was David Tennant and John Hurt. Tennant’s return tonight was great, and I am sure the Tennant fan girls were pleased with the episode. John Hurt was, as Christopher would say, Fantastic.

Matt and Jenna, good as gold. I feel that Matt given a bad rap for being the Doctor after David Tennant. He is a good Doctor, the most alien as well.  is beautiful as Clara. Definitely a brilliant companion and a brilliant Doctor.

So what else can I say? well, nothing that won’t be said by other people. Except maybe some people. Talking to my friend Louisa, an old friend from High School and our old drama club, she was not as pleased as I was:

‘Firstly, the plot completely disregarded any previous character development or storyline. Instead of celebrating the 50 years it chose to turn them on their head – emphasised by the way other previous doctors weren’t asked to be a part of it. The plot was ambitious to the point of incomprehension and its complexity, whilst clearly trying to be clever, only highlighted Steven Moffat’s laughable writing ability. If you choose to look at it from a comedic point of view, though, it’s genius. Unfortunately, I don’t think all of it was designed to be the joke that it was.’

I disagree with Louisa on this one. Granted, she does make a few fair points, I am not a big fan of Moffat’s constant twists and turns, he tends to make it a bit confusing for the younger audience. But I see it this way: everyone has a different idea of how the 50th special should have been: Classic doctors, a Time war (As my dad said), a parade of classic monsters etc. I personally didn’t know what I wanted out of it, but what I got, I enjoyed. And, as we know, this blog is called ‘If you ask me’ for a reason. it’s a channel for my thoughts to be broadcasted to billions of people. Happy birthday, Doctor Who. Then, now, forever.

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