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It’s my birthday. wooooo. And as the family tradition goes, we leave the house to have a meal at a restaurant of the birthday boy/girl’s choice. I chose The Black Horse, which is the subject of today’s raise the steaks review. The Black Horse is a restaurant/pub in Rainhill. I cannot find much info on it, but as most of my readership lives near me; you’ll be aware of it. If not, then you must take my word for it.

As ever, I review my food as how steaks are cooked:

Very rare: *

Rare: **

Medium: ***

Well done: ****

Very Well Done: *****


The service was good. You order your food from the counter, and pay there and then. I am a fan of this system, as it saves time for them to prepare foods; as it was fairly busy when we went. I will have to give this a Medium rating!

Waiting Time

Waiting time was good. Food took around 15-20 minutes to arrive, and for a busy place at it was, I am happy to give the waiting times another medium; only let down by my Uncle’s waiting time for his post meal coffee.


The facilities score a well done. We were sat in a quiet corner of the restaurant, in convenient walking distance of the toilets and the counter. It wasn’t cumbersome to walk to the counter to order and back. Nice quiet area gave us a place to let the conversation flow. Of course, if it is busy, you may not have the same luxury.


Cleanliness also scores a well done, again nothing to fault it on, when I look at a restaurant’s cleanliness, I look at the toilets. I live by the ethos; if the toilets aren’t clean, imagine what they’re like in the kitchen. Fortunately, there was overall very good hygiene and I was satisfied.


The most important thing to rank is the quality of the food. For the first time, I have the honour of saying that this food is very well done. The steak was cooked to perfection, and the chips were plentiful; not too little to want more, and not too many to leave on the plate. The steak had virtually no fat, and I managed to actually not leave a scrap of my 8oz rump uneaten. This is the first time I have done such a thing. While the others may have been disappointed, I was not. As the dessert does not come into the review, it doesn’t affect the ranking of the food overall (It’s raise the steaks), I will talk about it anyway. It was not the best sticky toffee pudding, but I liked it enough to eat it.


The Black horse scores an impressive 4/5. I enjoyed my meal and I enjoyed my atmosphere. My birthday overall was good to be fair. Go to the Black Horse and see what you think, I enjoyed it, so should you.

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