RAISE THE STEAKS: Damon’s (No longer Operating)


Its been some time since I did a proper Raise the Steaks Review. Mostly because I haven’t been to many New places recently, or had steaks in some of them. But today, I did eat a Steak. But where did I have it? Today, I went to Speke, to a place called Damon’s. How does it stack up? Let’s get crack-a-lackin!


The restaurant is situated in Speke, near the retail and business parks. Not really where you’d expect to find a restaurant, but that doesn’t matter. While first looks may be deceiving, as the circular building’s exterior looks old, and rather tatty at first glance, as soon as I entered the large, spacious restaurant, my first thoughts were immediately subsided. The restaurant had a rather dark decor, with old, american songs playing in the background. The seats were comfortable, and the lack of loud children made the experience a WELL DONE


Service seemed slow to begin with, as the waiters (who seemed very friendly) took their time in getting us the drinks we ordered. That section would have come to a medium, but service picked up after we ordered our food. As the restaurant was rather large, I never expected service to be as quick as it was. It was actually very impressive, and I would have to rank it VERY WELL DONE


Cleanliness scores a WELL DONE from me. Not really a lot to say, except that there was no obvious warning signs for me to note. They do a good job. Unfortunately, the toilets seemed to be a little unclean, due to mistreatment by customers, but it looked as if the cleaners did look after their facilities rather well


My review of the Fiveways in my last Raise the Steaks was somewhat disappointing, due to the food being only a MEDIUM. However, the food at Damon’s was perfect. For me at least. While I don’t usually discuss these, I will mention my Starter and Dessert. My chicken tenders were gorgeous, the amount I got (3) was made up by the generous size of the tenders piece by piece. The dessert, an Ice cream with Strawberry sauce, was simple, but was a sweet ending to what was a sweet meal. And yes, my Ribeye steak was a sweet meal. The cook, whoever he or she is, did an excellent job. The 8 oz steak was cooked well to perfection, with a portion of chips that was sensible, given the size of my steak. My plate was also joined with peas, and onion rings, which while I do not like onion rings, was sure to be enough for anyone. The food scores a VERY WELL DONE, the first Steak to be given that achievement.


A new feature to discuss is price. While you want your steak to be cheap, you also want it to be good quality. My meal costed £18.75, with fries included. Not one of the cheaper steaks I have had, as most I have had come to around £13. But one must consider that my steak was a better cut of meat. It was the rib-eye. So I will have to put pricing as WELL DONE. It was by no means cheap, but the price you’d expect for a more premium cut of a cow…


Damon’s Grill is a fine restaurant. A very fine restaurant. It scores a WELL DONE overall, but could easily have been a VERY WELL DONE establishment, if we only considered the food. But the point of Raise the Steaks isn’t about if I just liked the food. In order to enjoy something, you need to be satisfied with many things, such as waiting time, service, cleanliness, and cost. You don’t want to be pay so much, and be disappointed. You need to ark the restaurant on different levels, and Damon’s passed with flying colours. It is a good restaurant, that I would strongly suggest you check out. In short, Damon’s Grill is great food, at a sensible price.

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