Poetry Week 2: Child Loving Man


Today’s poem is my attack on the sickness that is child pornography. In the growing technological age, where you can be anyone you want. In fact, I’m probably a little guilty of it, in that I don’t allow myself to be tagged in pictures on Facebook that I feel aren’t me at my best. But some people go further, changing their name, gender, sexualities, and age to lure unsuspecting people, and in this poem it is children. I’ve never been a victim of this type of abuse, but there are thousands of children who have dealt with this, and they are heroes and survivors. I had a bit of help with this poem, as I struggled to write it, but we did it. And I thank Susie & Connor, whom contributed verses and lines to make this poem decidedly dark.


Johnny sent a picture
Annie sent one back
He said that they were safe
and then he just got hacked

The hacker got the photos
He got them fair and true
Then he got out his camera
And took a couple too

Johnny was a boy
Johnny was a man
Annie was just 14
He’s a child loving man

Annie said he loved him
Johnny said it back
He saw her head to toe
He’s a child loving man

Johnny was no kid
He was a web of lies
He was a man who loved a kid
But the love was all disguise

Kiddies on the web
Kiddies on their cam
Kiddies growing up
They don’t understand

Johnny was not hacked
Annie was abused
Those pics were shared around
Johnny was a ruse

Johnny was no Johnny
Johnny tells the lies
He takes all those pictures
To feed his paradise

Annie is one girl
Annie is your girl
Annie is our girl
Annie is our victim

Victim of that man
A child loving man
A child loving man
A child loving man

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