The title basically says what this one is about so im just going to go right into it.This is about my penpals all around the world, my idea about a pen pal website and my ideas on getting moreb pen pals.

I technically have 5 Penpals, but i am in regular contact with 3 of them.Still, i will talk about each of them.

1) Lisa: She was my first pen pal, she lives in Germany and i have been in contact with her since late 2011.I started speaking to her because i learn german and i wanted to speak to someone who is German so i found her. I haven’t spoken to her recently, but i will try to when she is on Facebook.

2) Ilene: Ilene is my american pen pal.The reason i started speaking to her was because i just wanted to really, make a new friend. She lives in Pheonix, Arizona and i am in regular contact with her. Hi if you’re reading Ilene 🙂

3) Lydie: She lives in Paris and she is very musical, that’s how i got in touch with her really.I haven’t spoken to her recently either but i will if she is online on Facebook.

Other pen pals of mine include Gabe from New Zealand, Matthew in Sri Lanka (who moved there recently, i knew him from Primary) and…well that’s it at the moment.

Inspired by my Pen pals, i thought up a new Social Networking site called PenpaL. You’d sign up, say what languages you spoke and your interests and we’d match you up with potential people.And you could do video chat, instant messaging, file sharing. and download music and share it with your pen pals.Prbably will never happen.

And i would love more pen pals, bacause i want to be in contact with the world, im looking for a spanish one, an italian one, a australian and an asian pen pal.I want to be in contact with the world.

thanks for reading my jumbled up ramblings, hope you read again soon

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