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Here at ‘If you ask me…’ i like to share my personal opinions on the world. This blog could be offensive to some which is why i have clearly titled it as it is above.If religion brings you into debate, i advise that you don’t read this as i am tired of arguing with those of religious backgrounds about philosophical questions no one knows the answer to.I also, i would like to add, have no real problem with religion, its just a thing that interests me.I apologise if i offend you.

Since i was a young boy i didn’t believe in a god or a higher being, probably down to my family who are also atheists and my primary school.Every Thursday we had Hymn practice, i don’t go to church so i saw, and still see the idea, a waste of time. Everyday (at least once) we did the Lord’s prayer and this was usually joined by another prayer.I didn’t go to church and i felt forced to do these things. In RE, we had to dothe same things, Christmas, Easter, Sikhism and that was repetitive.That probably is why i have a resentment of religion, and why RE was one of my least favourite lesson in Primary school, when i got to primary school we did more and by year nine our teacher who was then the new head of RE (He still is, but not so new) did more philosophical things and toned down the religious stuff, it was still there, but it was more engaging.

Today, i am an atheist. I think there is no god and the things science can’t explain cannot properly be explained by anyone.In fact, the idea of a god or a divine being is scary to me.If you think about it, he is an all powerful being who could use it’s powers to control us and that the idea of free will was created by it to make us live in blissful ignorance.It sounds very silly,  but it could that.

As for other religions, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and the others, i am indifferent.In fact i am indifferent towards Christianity, though i disagree with their ideas on homosexuality.They are just beliefs that people have and they shouldn’t be judged for it.I don’t judge them, i just find religion interesting and look at it from the atheist perspective.There is only one religion i cannot stand, Scientology. Many will say its made up, and i agree with you. If you watch the Simpsons episode ‘Joy of Sect’ they poke fun at them and their views.Ahhh, Simpsons was good then.

Though not a christian, i do follow some of their beliefs and ways of life as they are good ones to follow.Especially the ten commandments.Don’t fall foul to temptation, love your neighbor, love your family, don’t cheat on the missus and all that is good.I just don’t think there are gods , angels, fallen stars.

OK, i am expecting millions of you to dislike and disagree and poke at obvious flaws n this blog, but i don’t really this, albeit twisted and corrupt, democracy i can say what i want, unless i am in Russia or i’ll be sharing  a cell with pussy riot!

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