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I am a fan of Wrestling. I know that it isn’t real (really? who knew!) but it’s the athleticism and the bright lights which I like the most. I also like the Wrestlers, so here are my Top 5, in no particular order.

1. Sting

Sting is probably my favourite Wrestler. He has had a long career as a Wrestler; around 30 years all together. And in that time, he has wrestled as two character; the surfer and the famous crow (as Pictured here). He looks creepy, but he is ultimately the good guy, facing the likes of the nWo as one of the major highlights of his career. He has also been the WCW and TNA world champion. He has never wrestled in WWE, though this soon could change.

2. The Undertaker

Very similar to Sting. The Phenom has wrestled a similar length of time, and is one of the most respected and loved Wrestlers by all fans. His claim to fame was his recently broken streak; by one Brock Lesnar. He had been victorious in 21 matches in the Wrestlemania event. In hsi 20+ year career, his character evolved from a mortician, a creepy druid, a biker, and then a creepy guy with a thing for black. It is very likely he has now retired after the Lesnar match, but that’s OK. He has had a long career in the ring.

3. Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. This man is from a famous wrestling family, and is one of the few men who can pull off wearing pink, and STILL look tough. Not a great talker, but damn his style meant you could almost see him throwing real punches and kicks! He is notorious for his real life feud with Shawn Michaels, who was a dick back in his day, which culminated in Bret leaving WWE after being tricked by the owner of the company. Read the Wikipedia article on the Montreal Screwjob, it really happened and it makes me angry.

4. Rey Mysterio

The Mexican is a badass. He is the shortest wrestlers on this list, but he kicks ass. He was the giant killer, he has been learning to wrestle since he was 8 years old, and has had a fairly long career in the business. Regarded as under appreciated by some fans, he has held belts and is a big player in the industry. It’s a shame he’s so banged up now, but he still kicks ass.

5. Mick Foley/Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack

I love this man. He mutilated himself in order to send his fans home happy. He’s lost blood, teeth, banged up his legs so bad he can’t bend over, broke his back and even lost an ear in his matches. the man is insane. You’d swear that he enjoys the pain that his opponents or even inflicts upon himself. A match to check out is The Undertaker vs Mankind. This match will make even the haters of Wrestling reconsider their judgements. The blood is real, the bumps were life threatening, and even after all that, Mick Foley still came back for more.

Thank you for reading. I would have made this a ten, but I wanted to put a post out, as my Raise the Steaks review I had planned would have been a rehash of a previous entry, and I like to give you all something fresh. So yeah. Please comment your favourites, I’d love to know. Here are my next top 5, who I can’t write about:

Kurt Angle- Olympic Gold Medallist. Broke his neck

Iron Sheik-The most foul mouthed, hilarious Twitter Celebrity. Follow him or He’ll put you in the camel clutch and make you humble, Jabroni.

Jim Cornette-Not a Wrestler, but an active character in and out of the ring.

Jeff Hardy-Insane, drug induced, high risk performer

Scott Steiner-He cannot Wrestle, but damn does he make people laugh.

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