Well, we are here. This is the last set to be looked at before the LEGO Movie is released in Cinemas in the UK. And this one is a special one as it is the model I have most recently bought, on the 21st of August 2013. It is the Back to the future delorean. in my opinion, the best car in media!

So, are there other Back to the Future sets? Actually, no there’s not, and I will explain why. In LEGO’s best move in recent years, they decided to let LEGO Builders make the sets. It’s part of a LEGO subdivision called Cuusoo, which means ‘wish’ in Japanese. Essentially, the idea is that people submit their ideas to the website, and once they reach 10,000 supporters, it goes to a review, where a team of LEGO designers (from LEGO itself) look at the models which have 10,000 supporters. They usually pick one set which turns into its own LEGO Set. If its a branded product, like My little pony or Legend of Zelda, it is usually not made due to legal stuff, but this Back to the future set is an exception. Other sets they made include

  • Shinkai 6500
  • Hayabusa
  • LEGO Minecraft
  • Back to the Future(BTTF) – DeLorean Time Machine
  • Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover
  • Exo suit
  • Ghostbuster’s 30th anniversary set (I want this one too, and the Simpsons car to maybe start a collection)

So the BTTF Set (which I have now) has the car (of course) and Marty and Doc Brown, Marty having a skateboard (but not a hoverboard, hmm). The car looks authentic, but the only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t fit two people, but that is really a minor nitpick. The figures look authentic, the car looks great, and as you can see in the picture, you can customise it to look like the cars from all 3 of the movies. That is the thing that sold me this model.

I originally got it in a Smyth’s toy superstore near my house, the day before I got my GCSE results. It was a set I wanted for a while at that point and I came up with the idea that if the results were good or bad, I would have my delorean to build as a celebration or pick-me-up. Luckily it was a celebration.

I like the idea behind normal guys designing LEGO sets. It’s a good thing for a company to have links with its fans. When I turn 18, I plan on submitting a model to LEGO, and I have been working on it for a few years and I feel its good enough for a prototype model. Whether they’ll like it is another story. Only time will tell…

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