So, this set was awesome. I got this one on Christmas Day 2004. It was theĀ Castle of Morcia, and it was the only Castle that I ever built, in LEGO anyway.

Basically, the line of toys started out as similar to Bionicles, essentially build your own Action figures. But these ones were different, as they were knight themed ones, they were build with different LEGO materials and were awesome. I collected quite a few of them when they were available.

The theme was part of LEGO Castle, one of the original three including Space and City. LEGO Castle was a medieval and fantasy theme featuring knights and castles. It was introduced in 1978 until 1997. The name was changed to LEGO Knights Kingdoms and later LEGO Kingdoms themes. The year 2014 marked 36 years since the introduction of the Lego Castle theme.

The castle I got was pretty cool, it featured the main characters of the Knight’s Kingdom Knights, all four good knights, the King, as well as the Villain Vladek and a Henchman, who had a catapult. The castle itself was Brilliant, you could change the colour of the castle to suit the character who ruled it, with bits that turned around to either be Red or blue. It was a great set to have, and a series I wish I collected a lot more of the LEGO Sets for, because looking back they were really cool.

But, I had fond memories of the Castle and the characters with it. And that is enough.

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