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So, this being my second week out of School, one would assume that I am bored, and I spend most of my time watching Jeremy Kyle and Doctors, while tweeting various people with ‘funny replies’. Your assumption is wrong, I have been actually doing a bit of stuff, and all the above as well! And because I like to type, I thought I would share my current status with you guys, cos I love you!

1. I do a job

So yeah, I am a working member of the public. My job is very straight forward, I work as a, what I call, PA for my Mother and Father. My job is basically getting Sam ready for school, and taking him to and from school. I also pick up his friend on Mondays and Tuesdays. Other things I do is bring washing in, turn machines on maybe, wait for deliveries, go to the Supermarket and empty the dishwasher.

2. Volunteer work

I help out at my old Primary School, where my Brother goes. The reason for this is pretty simple.I want to teach History to children in High school. My general feeling is that if I cannot handle Primary School aged children then is there really any point in teaching. And I think that has paid off, and has taught me a lot, even though I’ve only been there for two weeks. Children are very excitable creatures, and they need to be motivated, a lack of motivation and confidence is what causes them to be little punks, who grow up to be criminals. They don’t like to be talked down to, they need someone who understands them, and I feel as if I could do that. I also admire the kid’s enthusiasm, they’re very eager and that always makes me smile.

3. Pursuing my hobbies

I love to draw and write and collect coins, but this is one I haven’t paid much attention to in recent days. I enjoy to do my hobbies, writing the stories I write and the pictures I draw of Comic book characters provides me with a creative outlet to spew my imagination upon, and I’ve been going through one of my creative phases as of late, where one idea spews another, one got me to nearly finish a book that one time! I do need to pursue my hobbies, and keep up the coin collecting as well. I like to do that because it gives me a thing to admire in passing, and I love it when I smug smile, I love being smug…

4. Reunions

Well Im not planning any yet, much too soon, give it 10-15 years at the minimum, guys if you’re looking. But I have some things coming up, which could be classed as a form of reunion, proms, 6th form info days etc. Im also meeting up with friends during the long long break (which I call the Never ending summer, despite British weather), so that will be fun. Michael is going to show me his new puppy!

And that’s it really, doing work, hobbies, meeting friends and watching Daytime Television

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