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Music is something I really enjoy listening to. I play it on my way  to University, in the car, when I’m going to Sleep, on the train, anywhere. Music is good background noise to get you pumped for something, but good music does more than that. Let me explain.

Good music is more than just catchy lyrics, or a good beat, or an insane multi-layered guitar solo. Music is emotion. Music is meant to represent and make you feel things. That’s why it is so hard to explain why you like particular music, or a particular band or song. I don’t have a window into your feelings or emotions, and you don’t have a window into mine either. I can prepare playlists of my favourite songs and you may like my choices, but you won’t necessarily understand why I like them. So what is the next best thing to peering into my mind? A radio show, of course. I am starting a radio show.

Some backstory, I used to host a radio show in Rainhill…well, nearly. The School had someone who would teach us how to use radio equipment and help us create our own radio show. So I created my own show during lunch times on Tuesday and Thursday. It was called Ben’s Lite Lunch and would have had some mainstream stuff on it, and some small talk with whoever was cohosting. It never went anywhere. The guy running it vanished, and the thing just disintegrated, which was a shame. I was looking forward to doing it, and I couldn’t satisfy my ambition…until 2015.

Edge Hill, as it turns out, had its own little organisation called Vibe Media, who do TV and Radio, and a whole assortment of stuff. I was originally going to do it last year, but unfortunately I missed the deadline, and I couldn’t do it last year, which sucked. However, I was determined to have a radio show, and now here we are. The first opportunity I got, I paid my £10 deposit (the money helps run the station and buy equipment), and here I am promoting my soon to be airing show. So let’s talk about it.

Like my original show, it will be held during lunchtimes, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I chose Tuesday as it’s a free day and Wednesday because I have a 4-hour gap between my lecture and seminar. Quite frankly, it will give me something to do rather than procrastinate on essays. The show will be called The Ben Attwood Experience, and while I have repeatedly asked for a cohost, no one has come forth, so I’ll be doing it on my own for the foreseeable future. I don’t doubt that I can do it without a cohost, but having someone to bounce off of might be a good idea.

As for the music, well as I stated, I want to put on the music that I like. I like rock, I like prog rock, I like Britpop, I like metal, I like synthpop. It won’t be Radio One. Heck, it won’t be Capital FM. A big thing I would like to do as well is to get local musicians to send me their songs to play. It’s not a national station, but exposure is still exposure. I direct any musicians to my contact page. As long as your music has NO swearing, then you’ll be allowed on my show.

The Ben Attwood Experience will be airing from 12pm to 2pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On both occasions, I’ll be the first show on, so consider me the student breakfast show. Links and stuff will be put up eventually.

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