Final countdown to 2013 Dec 28+29: Need to cut down on the junk and January sales!


Sorry, There was a problem with wordpress which meant I could not make yesterday’s blog, but I did get time to think about it and today’s one, so don’t think I missed one, because I am writing them.tell you what,I am feeling terrible.I always do this time of the year.Probably too many sweets and too much sugar in my system.

It’s customary to eat a lot of junk during Christmas day, and sometimes boxing day to get rid of the extra food.But it’s around this time when the amount you’ve ate does affect your body.Stomach aches, headaches, constipation (luckily, I’ve not got that).You feel terrible and you say ‘never again’ but you do it next year and the same thing happens, and so on and so forth.

Next time I think i will try to cut down on the junk.Let’s hope I look at this post and say ‘I remember that,and you know whats, let’s do it!’.

Today, I was in Ormskirk and I thought ‘It’s the sales’ so I went into the town centre to see what was on offer.I got a considerable amount of money for christmas, but most of it is being saved up for buying an I pad Mini.So, with the money I had, plus pocket money, I went to see what there was to buy.

I was tempted to buy a copy of the Watchmen, but at that point, I already bought a £12 LEGO set so I didn’t want to spend another £15 on a book.I’ll probably buy it on Amazon, but I only have a £10 voucher so I’ll try and find something at that price (fingers crossed).I saw an American sweet stall in the market so I bought some Vanilla coke for Sam, and a Cherry Pepsi for myself.I haven’t yet had it, but I will tell you all what it tastes like.

That’s all I have to say, sorry for missing a day.I will have more tomorrow (and hopefully WordPress will work!).

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