Cyrus+ Bieber: Heading for destruction??!


This isn’t my normal entry, but I have few thoughts that are going through my head at the moment. Let’s have some <3 to <3 !!!!!!

This is something I’ve been noticing with various child stars who have entered adulthood, and that is that they are trying to make their public perception of them change. Biebs doesn’t want people to see him as the little boy making covers on You Tube, and Miley doesn’t want to be Hanna Montana forever. There’s no problem trying to make a more mature image for yourself, you don’t want to stay in that perception forever, imagine a 40 year old Cyrus being Hanna Montana, her old fans will not care, and new ones will not like to see a has been singing bubble-gum pop. I just don’t like how they’re doing it, Cyrus is trying to sexualise her image, and Biebs is trying to come across as a pot smoking adult, with a serious attitude. I’m more concerned with Bieber than Cyrus, I like him, I think he’s a great guy really, while I don’t like his music, I liked how he treated his fanbase, but I think that he’s neglecting them, and that makes me really sad for his fans. What worries me is that people are still following him, despite the crap he’s doing. I pictured him as being the nest Justin Timberlake, but I don’t think he’ll get that far anymore. I’m losing faith in him.

I always pictured Bieber having a career in singing for about 5-10 years, before starting an acting career, and taking a break, before making a come back, much to the delight of his fans. And Cyrus could have been a country singer, turning her back on pop and focusing on a more country and western sound, it may have made the genre more popular and relatable. But I see that they are trying to come across as people they’re not. They’re not being to who they are.

I know that they can do it better. Look at Take that, they were a boy band much like One direction. They ended up breaking up, and coming back almost 10 years later, after growing up, doing other projects, dealing with issues etc. Robbie even had a pretty big solo career, then he re-joined the boys, and they’re just as popular as they were then, if not more popular. Others include Westlife and Boyzone, who grew up without going out of the limelight, and though Westlife broke up, they’re still well remembered. An Justin Timberlake now owns My Space, has a fairly good acting career and has a decent album out, he started at a young age, and he’s only 32 and has a lot going for him.

I’m not saying that the choices Bieber and Cyrus made are bad, but they may want to look at trying other things. Or they will risk crashing and burning. Hopefully they’ll make the right choice.

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