Countdown to Christmas Dec 9th: My 5 Christmas films and specials


I do like to watch the odd christmas special every now and then, so here is a list of some of my absolute favourites:

The Nightmare before Christmas

I think it is a christmas film; there’s a christmas town, christmas is in the name of the film and it is shown around christmas.It’s funny, it’s a musical delight for people of all ages, and i say watch it, it is your duty.


The League of Gentlemen’s ‘Yule never leave’

This one hour Christmas special is weird, strange, insane but very funny.It involves Bernice, the vicar of the Royston Vasey Church hearing 3 stories from 3 of the inhabitants of the town, and she becomes a better person (A bit like A Christmas carol).And in true TLOG fashion, there is a nasty twist at the end.



This is a brilliant film, Will Ferrall is brilliant, the humour is brilliant, the story is OK (no i kid, it’s brilliant)


Doctor Who Christmas specials

I love the Matt Smith ones, though the alien time traveler is over 1000 years old, he celebrates Christmas as a child would.The stories are creative,though not always necessarily good.I like Matt Smith better, because i think he is less serious than David Tennant, i just thought he was too emotional.


The Snowman

I saw it for the first time when i was 4 in primary school, and i fell in love with the special from there.I haven’t seen the full thing since primary school, and i do want to see it again.The best thing is that they’re doing a sequel for Christmas eve which i will definitely watch, I hope they show the original as well.

And that’s my 5 favourite, i hope you enjoyed that list.What’s your favourite, leave a comment below.Thank you for reading.

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