Countdown to Christmas Dec 5th: What is the best Christmas song?


I bet, not in the too distant future, you’ll be hearing a large amount of Christmas music, on the radio, on the TV, on those cheesy CD’s etc.

What can i say, they’re cheesy, they’re annoyingly catchy and everyone loves them.Everyone loves christmas songs, and if you don’t you’re a miserable old so and so.And now, thinking about it (and also gives me something to talk about because i can assure you i’ll probably run out of christmassy things to say), i have been thinking about the best christmas songs.

I have decided that my favourite christmassy song is Queen’s one.Yes, folks, Queen did a christmassy song.Hard to believe.’Thank god it’s Christmas’.The reasons for this choice are simple, and thee reasons are:

  • It’s positively cheesy
  • It’s 80’s, so it’s got those cool 80’s synthesizers that most cheesy christmas songs have
  • It sums up the season rather well
  • It’s catchy
  • It is QUEEN! what more do you want?

So, that’s my favourite Christmas song, and i want to know your favourite song, please use the comment section below this short and sweet post.

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