Countdown to Christmas Dec 12th: 12/12/12 12:12 12, the world is continuing to spin


Some people are idiots, that’s something you simply cannot escape.Silly people thought the world would end today, and some say the 21st.I had this to say:

‘The world will end when it ends, and not because of god or a planet, because the sun is going to die.When the sun begins to die in 4-5 billion years we will have mastered space travel and other planets discovered.THE WORLD WILL END WHEN IT ENDS, AND IT IS ENDING DURING COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS, NO WAY.If it tries to, then it will have me to deal with.

Also, we got the tree out, we’re probably going to put that up tomorrow or the day after.Sorry about this post but i need ideas and i try to do fun stocking fillers  and i thought this would be fun.More tomorrow.

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