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It is no secret that men and the patriarchy have dominated society for far too long. It is also no secret that women are tired of this and wish to bring equality in our society, but my argument is that you’re doing it the wrong way. Feminism doesn’t work.

Now i must clear a few things up before we continue. This is an article about feminism; a topic in which I am interested in. I am not talking about misandry; because misandry is NOT feminism and they are two different topics all together. I am merely talking about the shortcomings of feminism and what i believe it. Now i believe that this is noble cause and i do indeed support more rights for women, but I do not believe in feminism.

I read an interesting comment on facebook today which i have permission of sharing with you and the diff basically shares my argument on the issue of feminism:

”I call myself equalist because I have a problem with the term “feminist”.

First of all, if feminism fights for EQUAL rights for women and MEN, why oh why does it start of with “fem”, a world renowned term for feminine or female. I’ve always had a problem with that.

Secondly, all I ever hear about is how feminists are all about destroying the male hierarchy and putting women on the pedistal, and I’m just like “what? How is that equality?”. Now, not all feminists are like that. I’ve met plenty of equalist feminists, but the number of crazy “women are the better gender” feminists over powers them soon much its depressing.”

This person is right. While I know not all feminists want a complete turn of the tables; to say they’re all like this would be a gross misinterpretation, but there are still people who want that, and that goes against the aims feminism and would incur an imminent meninist movement. Setting women back 50 years behind where they started.

The way i see it, we shouldn’t be going for feminism. When women got the vote, and when black people got civil rights, not only was it an issue of gender or race, but it was also just an issue of basic equality. That is what we should be fighting for. Equality. Yes, women are still unequal to men, but gay people are unequal to women, and transgender people are more unequal than gay people. This is what we really need to push for, just equality. How we do it, I don’t know, but now is s good time to start.

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