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You know that feeling you get when you have a memory come to you and it sparks an Idea.I HAD ONE OF THEM!

I was on my computer (like I am now) and then something comes to my head.I had a memory come back from primary school about a story that one of the teachers (The old headmaster’s wife) told us when I was in Year 4-5.

It was basically about a man and a woman, and the man said he was going to do various jobs around his home, fix the roof, install a TV, and all other stuff like that.He says he is going to do these things while his wife is working or something.And, essentially, he procrastinates by watching the football or something like that.The wife then packed her bags, telling the husband that she is going to Disneyland, and the teacher always ended with ‘but she didn’t go to Disneyland, did she?’.

What made me remember that story was the moral.The moral was pretty bad, what was it trying to say If I fail to work to do what I planned, my girlfriend/wife/partner will leave me, and say that they’re going to Disneyland? If I redid that story,At least it would have a clear moral.Not my partner going away by telling me they’re going to Disneyland!!!!

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