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And now, the end of 365. I’ve toured you through my life, my style and my issues. Now I shall tell you about how I see the future.

In short, I am optimistic, we are living in an innovative age, and we’re developing things faster than ever, one would call it a second industrial revolution, with 3D Printers being developed, computers are changing, and things like nanotechnology and stem cell research are becoming more and more refined. By the time I am 80, im probably still going to be as healthy as I was when I was 65 .

As for my future, I do not know what is in the pipelines, so I can only tell you what I plan to do, bearing in mind that these plans change and never work out as you envision them, most of the time. So, Im planning to go to Sixth form for two years to study 4 A Levels, the ones that I have applied for include Sociology, History, German and Government and Politics. I tried to pick subjects that I knew that I was talented at, or have an idea that I will enjoy (as is the case of G+P). I would have picked law or psychology, but then I thought I probably wouldn’t enjoy it, so I opted out of picking those subjects.

Once I have completed my A Levels, I want to become a teacher, specifically History teaching, so I will need a PGCE. This is where my future becomes sort of uncertain, I am as of now unsure of how I will do it, where, will I move away? I do not know this, so I will see the options at a later date and make my decision then. I know I will make the right one.

Then, I don’t know. I don’t want to plan a picture of a life with a family and a job, I want to see what happens. I want it all to take shape in a way I won’t expect, I want to be surprised by the future. It would be wrong of me to have high hopes, then look in retrospect and complain that my life has no meaning, I don’t want a mid life crisis. The way I see it, I want to enjoy the now, and see what the future holds. Will I be famous? rich? Poor? lonely? Alive? I don’t know.

‘If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.’

Lao Tzu

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